Tuesday, February 03, 2009

December 27, 2008: Jen & Steve - Vintage Villas

Jen & Steve - Vintage Villas, Austin Texas

I loved working Jen and her mom Darlene. They wanted to incorporate ornaments into the decor since the date was so close to Christmas. Jen and Steve will have PLENTY of Christmas ornaments to display for years to come. We used a variety of deep purples and raspberries to fuchsias to create a really fun "pop".

Awesome vendors:
Vintage Villas
Petal Pushers
Hooked on Photography
Simon Lee Bakery

Jen made a really beautiful bride. I loved how natural her hair looked and I am SUPER in love with her dress.

Flower Girl Wagon - for those little ones that are too small to walk down the aisle. Stacey decorated this with greenery and dahlias - see proof below. :)

Chair accent decor - dahlias and birch branches with vibrant satin ribbon.

We added some ornaments to the gazebo at Vintage Villas to tie in the "Christmas Spirit" at the ceremony site.

Yummy yummy cake from the one and only Simon Lee Bakery. What's that? You see a peony - in December? Yup - you can get peonies at this time of year - they're greenhouse grown and pretty expensive but we could not resist!

Mixture of flowers and ornaments for that lush feel.


Austin Weddings said...

Great pics! I love all the ornaments. Looks like a fairytale. Thanks for sharing the pics!

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Lindsey Watts said...

This wedding concept is amazing! I adore the ornaments!