Tuesday, January 09, 2007

November 18th, 2006 - Sherry and Gabe

This was such a fun wedding to be a part of. Sherry and Gabe have the cutest story about how they met. 10 years of so ago, they met at the old Austin airport. They exchanged addresses and were pen pals and remained in contact. How cute is that? This is before email was so readily available. Now that's fate. They both are in a band called "Operator". I've seen them play a few times and they're fantastic. www.operatorsound.com

Their wedding was at Laguna Gloria. Such a great location and the weather was perfect. I have to give total credit to Amelia Tarbet Photography for these awesome pictures. It got dark pretty fast during the ceremony, and we were concerned that some of the pictures wouldn't turn out well. Thank goodness for her expertise and experience, we saw some amazing results.

Laguna Gloria, Austin TX

Great location and a number of choices to hold a ceremony. Erin, the on-site manager there is fabulous!

Dagar's Catering, Austin TX

They have it all - from great service to tasty food! They provided the linens and chair ties for the reception as well.

Mancino Iron, Austin TX

Excellent selection! He provided the unity candle along with table centerpieces.

Westbank Flower Market, Austin TX

Keith is a LIFE-SAVER! He created these masterpieces with four days notice. He's got an incredible eye and so great to work with!

Coco Paloma Desserts, Austin TX

Paloma is a true artist and created fabulous looking cakes for the couple.

Los Brillantes, San Marcos TX (Through Bookaband.com)

They arrived early and stayed later. They are AWESOME. Such great music, voices and most of all personality. I look forward to using them again!

Monday, January 01, 2007