Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Venue Spotlight

Hello Blogger World!

I've decided I would try out something new to blog about. I want to do some "spotlights" on venues in Central Texas and beyond and possible featuring other vendors as well.

My first spotlight is..... Laguna Gloria in Austin, Texas!

This venue is absolutely beautiful and one-of-a-kind! I love the convenience of being so close to downtown but also far enough away to avoid some of the commotion that can occur in Austin. You can also chose to have your bridal and/or engagement photos taken here as well. I always jump at the chance of doing weddings here. We've done a few dozen at this location and each time its always a different look and feel. Below are some pictures that I found - either from our events or from the lovely search function of Google!

{image source}

This is the front part of Laguna Gloria. I usually like to add a sign-in table here to direct guests to go through the gate.

We've done a lot of fun things on this front gate from floral wreaths, hanging flowers and amazing lighting to create that unique and welcoming feel.

{image source}

I call this the "side lawn" or "sculpture garden". I love this part of the grounds because its one of the flatter parts and its a great spot to have dinner and dancing. You can add at tent and a dance floor here - and my personal favorite - hanging lanterns or chandeliers, flowers, candles or all of the above!

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The Amphitheater. This is probably the most popular spot to hold a ceremony at Laguna Gloria. I love the beautiful water background and the very natural feel of it all. There is even a boat dock nearby that one of my couples did the exit from - sailing away into the sunset!

{image source}

The "Temple of Love"

This setting is also very lovely and a little bit of the trek from the main grounds. It makes a really intimate setting for your vows. If space allows - I highly recommend this setting.

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