Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 11, 2008 - Monroe, Louisiana

Well kids, I'm back from Monroe, Louisiana and met some really great people. Last year Jessica Claire held a contest for free photography from her including all travel fees for a deserving couple. Jessica is California based photographer that is always on the go and shooting so many locations. I'm often envious of all her travels. She's well known throughout the wedding community and is truly an artist and someone to aspire to be.

The winners: Anna & Chris! They were nominated by Anna's family and that's how this all began. Elysium Productions (also based out of Orange County) and I decided to sweeten the pot and include our services as well. I can't wait to see the finished product from the both of them, but here's a teaser from Jessica's blog. I really enjoyed meeting all the families and Anna & Chris's wedding was so much fun! I know people say that a lot about weddings, but this one was one for the books!

Also, thank you to Crystal Goss out of Arkansas for joining the crew, too!


Debbie said...

Wendee, thanks for making the wedding very special for Anna & Chris. Your flower arrangements were spectacular and everyone loved Anna's bouquet. You were a godsend.

Debbie Rockett

Stacy Cross said...

You are SO awesome. :)

Lisa Huntington said...

Wendee, I know this is late in coming - but I just wanted to say thank you as well. After 4 family weddings and doing everything ourselves - it was so nice to be able to leave the final touches to you. And those final touches made all the difference. You brought a fresh look and made it so special and unique for Chris and Anna. Thanks so much for your generosity. We appreciate it more than we can express!