Friday, February 22, 2008


Well I've been "tagged" with the whole blog chain letter thing. To be quite honest, I don't really understand it, but I'll use the excuse of being super busy and not being able to keep up - because the reason can't be that I'm just not cool anymore. I was actually tagged on MySpace, but since I see the other "cool kids" doing it on their blogs, I decided to do it here. Now I can also say that I updated my blog! Woohoo! (By the way, Edwin, I don't think its fair to tag 5yr old daughter, unless you're expecting her to respond... which I will then bow down to greatness)

On with the show....

Once you have been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself. At the end choose people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. I love reality TV. I can't stop.

2. I tell people that I want to die before my dog, Nala, dies. Its true. This is based on the fact that Nala will live to be 100 in people years. Duh.

3. I am the reason for every woman/Asian stereotype of being a horrible driver. I talk on the phone and gripe about others being on the phone while driving. I've become an expert of putting on makeup and eating while behind the wheel.

4. The reason I don't put any kind of advertisements on my car is because of reason number 3. I'm afraid of having a lot of angry phone calls. I guess people assume when you put your company info on your car its also used as a sign to say "how's my driving? please call..."

5. I sometimes think I'd like to have kids even though I tell people that I never want them. This is mainly the fact that my super cute nephew is adorable. I figure if something so cute can come from my sister, then I must have a chance. Since I am, after all, the smart AND prettier one.

6. Even though we never say it, I love my sister and do think she's the prettier one. I hope she doesn't read this blog. She paid me to say this anyway. ;)

7. I am terrified of birds. No traumatic childhood memory. Just scared for no reason. HATE them.

8. I am also terrified of ghosts. Not really sure if they exist, but have no interest in finding out first hand. I make Chris watch "Ghost Hunters" with me. Love that show.

9. When I get grossed out, I gag. Like a loud put your finger down your throat gag. From a yucky story or just seeing something really disgusting. I can't help it. Its genetic I think. My sister does it, too.

10. We had a stray dog come to our house. A Pitbull mix. We tried to find her a home, but I'm secretly glad we're keeping her. For street cred, yo.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my mindless ramblings and don't judge me by my answers or throw birds at me when you see me on the street.... And now for the blog roll....

1. Stacey with Petal Pushers - because she's new at this blog thing and she's hysterical.

2. Brandy - She's my Sandals buddy and she always has the craziest random things to say

3. Angela - My sister.. because I expect to be complimented back ;)

4. Sharon - My lovely designer turned children's photographer. She's just always so lovely.

5. Celestie - because I said so

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Aimee said...

So I guess a peacock themed wedding is sorta out of the question for you, right?
Thanks for letting me hang out on Saturday. I truly am grateful and would love to do it again anytime.
aimee villa